sound designer.

What we Bury (When we Bury our Dead)

Fiction, Short Film, 13′ Stereo Sweden.
Post Production, 2021.
Directed by Sebatian Nylén, produced by Sebatian Nylén & Carl-David Pärson.
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This is a voice-over led film that sprawls across memories, nature documentaries and a man stranded at the open sea. All the underwater foley sounds are heightened and quite loud for a drama, a technique used to push the film over into a metaphorical mode. The sound design glues together these layers thematically. For instance, jellyfish underwater evoke a heart-rate monitor - connected to a father on the hospital bed. Bottles resonate across scenes, an alcoholics draw that seems inescapable. The psychedellic and vapoureal quality of sound pushes and pulls dramatically against a stable bed of guitar & piano music.

Poster for What We Bury Still from What We Bury