sound designer.

Petar is a Serbian - Swedish Sound Designer & Composer.

From the industrial forests of Södertälje. He taught himself filmmaking from an early age, and music on a broken upright piano. You'll find his work mainly in short films but also feature films and plays. For several years you could find him teaching sound-to-picture at Prague Film School in Czechia, until he recieved his master's degree in film sound at Stockholm University of the Arts; where he researched surround sound, and challenged its use in the film landscape today.

Coming from a directing background he is a sonic storyteller, which allows him new-thinking approaches that celebrates uniquely film qualities. The audio-visual tension is an instrument to be plucked. This position has often placed him with queer productions like the feature film “Playdurizm” (Deger, 2020) or shorts like Sonntag (Cabaco, 2019) where he is the facilitator of listening to the unheard voices. Petar mainly works in post-production from his home-studio in the Stockhholm area. He has multiple theatrical mixes under his belt including a short film mixed for theatrical Dolby Atmos.

There is always a desire for motion and vicera in his art. An obession with Noise, meeting points between new technology and primitive tools, handheld Cinematography, & Sculptures with sharp edges. Aswell as a need to find beauty in the forgotten.

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