sound designer.


Fiction, Theatre Play, 2 ACTS 90′ Stereo UK // CZ
Original Score, Live Performance, 2016 & 2019.
Directed by Oliver Horsfall.
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TEAR's is a multimedia theatre play exploring life with Alzheimer's. I wrote the music in tandem with the script by writer-director Oliver, interpreting his words. Sometimes the music was composed freeform and would inspire Oliver to write new scenes. This collaboration of music and text has made them inseperable, they depend on each other to complete the narrative.

The musical aspect of the play is based on live-looping, keyboard improvisations, sound collage, and various audio mangling processes. Keeping the music flexible was my main goal. It has to perform together with the actors in order to create the feeling of a tightly choreographed piece, that in reality was vastly different each performance. It was performed originally at the Arthur Cotterell Theatre in 2016.

In 2019 a much improved version premiered in Prague, featuring choreography by Iveta Elisabeth Lit. Some of the music had to be rewritten to accomodate dance but the key moments remained intact. This time the music was much more layered and interactive - a result of years of experience between the two versions.
One excerpt of the music 'Death' can be heard in my album 'Moments in Time'.

Photo from Tech-Rehearsal