sound designer.


Fiction, Short-Film, 19′ 5.1 Argentina.
Location Sound, Post Production, Original Score 2019.
Directed by Mariano Cabaco, produced by Graviton Cinema Digital.
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Nominated for 'Best Sound Editing' at 'Indie Short Fest 2019'.

The concept in this film is to convey the sonic perspective of our character Florian. To achieve this surround editing and mixing was employed which opens up in the second scene and envelops the audience.

The film relies rarely on dialogue and reality contorts in subtle ways, the sound design conveys this by pushing away any sense of realism as we move towards a more internal place. I achieved this by interpreting Lead Actor Alex Figueiredo’s method. Starting with observations on set and following up with an interview before the sound design stage.

The soundscape is immense and heightened, but it was only possible thanks to early invovlent during the screenwriting phase. As well through lengthy discussions with the director Mariano, who embraces sound and its emotional qualities.

Sonntag also features an original quadraphonic composition 'Keep Moving' which see a multitude of layered guitars. Also featured is my arrangement of Camille Saint-Saëns' 'The Swan' for acoustic guitar and voice. Performed together with Karin Björg Torbjörnsdóttir.

Poster for Sonntag