sound designer.


Fiction, Short-Film, 10′ Stereo CZ // Indonesia.
Location Sound, Post Production, & Original Score, 2018.
Directed by Giovanni Rustanto, produced by The LAB - a media production company.
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"A quiet young girl has a dispute with her mother. She decides to enter the monastery to become a nun. Upon her arrival, she is given a new name, Maria, and a mysterious past is brought out along the way revealing the history behind her rebellious acts."

Maria features only two lines of dialogue. The film is an audio-visual journey staged with master shots.

The majority of the film came to me completely silent. It's a soundscape build from ground up. Employing a subtractive design philosophy each sound is used with complete narrative intention and walks a tight-rope between surrealism and documentary sound.

The effect of this approach is undeniable tension. Paired with images of borderline mundanity it's an engrossing and enveloping film which pushes the narrative possibilities of it's run-time to the limit.

You can hear the theme song 'Maria' on my album 'Moments in Time'.

Poster for the short film Maria