sound designer.


Fiction, Feature Film, 88′ Stereo France, CZ.
Post Production, Original Score, 2021.
Directed by Cédric Larvoire.
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This horror film was constructed with "found sounds" across my harddrives. Instead of producing new recordings, I collaged the soundscape with various unused scraps from previous projects. Stretching, pitching, reversing, layering, filtering... until it became new material. The soundtrack explores the boundaries between sound and music. Because the score is based on drone, ambient, and noise aesthetics it blends in with the incidental soundscape seamlessly. Thanks to a musical sound basis by Jindřich Kravařik my work had a bouyant place to bounce off.

Two concepts are at play in this film, one is the element of hyper-sensitive hearing and how our percpetion can warp sounds that surround us. The other concept is that of vacuum and negative buildups. Instead of increasing sonic intensity with more sounds, the "buildups" are constructed of elements subtracting until we are left in eerie-dead-silence.

Poster for L'Hiver